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ExpandLeadership Trait AnalysisCoding schemes for Leadership Trait Analysis, Margaret G. Hermann's seven traits used in the assessment of leadership style: belief in ability to control events, need for power, conceptual complexity, self-confidence, task orientation, distrust, and in-group bias.
Spanish language coding schemes are provided courtesy of M. Consuelo Thiers.

Unless otherwise requested,  the LTA Classic coding scheme will be provided. This is the reference version for most academic research.
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 Operational Code AnalysisStephen G. Walker, Mark Schafer, and Michael D. Young's Verbs in Context System for Operational Code analysis. This coding scheme is used to code the direction (self or other) and intensity (-3 to +3)of transitive verbs. Various indexes can then be constructed from this data.Profiler Plus LogoProfiler Plus LogoProfiler Plus LogoProfiler Plus LogoProfiler Plus Logo
ExpandMotivationsCoding schemes for David C. McClellland and David G. Winter's Need for Power, Need for Achievement, and Need for Affiliation.Profiler Plus Logo
 Conceptual/Integrative ComplexityPeter Suedfeld's Integrative Complexity (IC)  is "a measure of the intellectual style used by individuals or groups in processing information, problem solving, and decision making. Complexity looks at the structure of one's thoughts, while ignoring the contents".

This coding scheme, Conceptual/Integrative Complexity (CIC), is not an implementation of the rules in Dr. Suedfeld's scoring manual . CIC attempts to approximate Suedfeld's IC scores, using a lexicon of weighted "content flags" described in the IC coding manual along with contextual rules to determine a paragraph score.
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ExpandVerbal Behavior AnalysisVerbal Behavior Analysis: 10 of Walter Weintraub's clinical indicators associated with the personality traits: Decisiveness, Anxious disposition, Impulsivity, Moodiness, Angry disposition, Emotional control, Stubbornness, Controlling behavior, Histronic behavior, Passivity, Domineering behavior, Creativity, Familiar behavior, Resilience, and Response to stress.Profiler Plus Logo